Needle case tutorial

What you need
Outer fabric 18cmx16cm
Lining fabric 18cmx16cm
Lightweight interfacing 18cmx16cm
Pages 2 pieces 8cmx12cm thin felt
Ribbon 2 pieces 10cm
Sewing machine
Matching thread
Difficulty level - Easy

To start make sure you have all the pieces cut and ready See list.
All you need to make your very own needle case.

1. Start by ironing the interfacing to the outer fabric (shiny side of interfacing to wrong side of fabric)

2. With the short sides at the top and bottom, put a mark on the two long sides 6cm from the top this is where you’ll be adding your ribbons.

3. Pin ribbons in place (on the right side of the fabric)

4. Then pin outer fabric to the lining fabric (right sides facing)

5. Using a 1cm seam allowance stitch all around the edges remembering to leave a 7cm gap for turning, (try to pop this gap along the top edge which is one of the shorter sides)
6. Trim the corners, turn, carefully poke all the corners out and press. (to get the corners out nicely gently use closed scissors)

7. Now bring the bottom edge up by 6cm pin in place and stitch around all 4 edges, this will close the opening you had for turning. (ribbon alinment may be in a slightly different place than picture)

8. Now time at add the pages, leaving roughly a 1cm space around the felt pieces in the centre of needle case (the side with the turn-up) then pin in place sew down the centre of the case (if possible add a marking to show where either with tailor’s chalk or air erasable pen)

9. Next fold the case in half and stitch 2-3mm from the centre edge.
10. Now it is ready to be used.

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial but please remember this is only for personal use and not to be produced for sale.
Thanks from all at Buttoned up & Pinned down.