Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I'm here again, sorry for the delay.

It has been a while and my head has been on overload but my fingers haven't been so busy, it is the first few days with the children back at school after Easter and I'm still getting in the swing of school runs. I haven't made much over the holiday because I was being pulled left right and centre by the kiddies but it is quite nice getting out and about we them, and we now have a new local park with things that look a little out of place there, like gym equipment but the children love it especially watching people trying to use them and having no clue how to.

I did make a nice little pale blue spotty bag hand bag with a vintage floral lining I've just got to add a fastening then its done but its not so easy when you want to make it reversible.
I have been making the Alphadot (Make do and mend) cot quilt from Sew hip this month and the circles went well even though I didn't have freezer paper but I'm hand quilting it and after a bit of research I have learnt to get even stitches that actually turn in the circle shape but I can't use thimbles I've got a little collection of them but each time I wear one I freak out, but I guess I'll get there in the end.

Its lucky its so little or I'd probably put it out of sight for a while, once its done I'll do the border on both this quilt and the Hannah Montana one I started in september last year but I couldn't sew it on the machine because it is huge but I hand stitched around the 9 square panels and machine stitched the edges its all tidied now waited for the last little detail then its ready.

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