Thursday, 29 April 2010

She's leaving! Bye bye bunting

My youngest daughter has a wonderful best first they started school together live in the same street but two days ago her mum had told me they were moving to Wales, I was shocked and sad as my little girl had been planning sleep-overs, tea parties etc (like you do when your four).
So after that I planned on making something for them to take to their new home, but what to make was my problem so I decided to Pimp up my bunting after seeing the wonderful things I'd seen at
so I looked for fabric on the Tinternet (tegypt) but I got so lost that I gave up and when on a fabric hunt of the house and found lots of different bits, I selected some that I liked that looked girlie but chic, I cut out my flags the same way I do all my bunting flags and couldn't do any more, I wanted to go to the local indoor market but I had to wait but the next day it was open.
Its open today and its payday when I got to the market stall (the owners of this stall are so cool) I made a beeline for the ribbons etc and I shopped till my head hurt (I had a migraine so that didn't help).
Now I had all the buttons, bows, ribbons, more fabric (as one of the ones I had chosen at home was not sitting right with me) ricrac etc and time to get home and get creating.
OMG Pickle's best friend has the poxy chickens, and isn't allowed at school but as Pickle has had her dose of the poxy chickens she can still play round with her friend this could be the last time they ever see each other (god I'm being a bit dramatic)
I designed how I wanted the ribbons and bows and had to leave it.
I needed my little angel's input as it was her's to give to her bestest best friend in the world ever (my eldest said BBFITWE for short). She wasn't too interested in where the ribbons went but was very adamant that the writing was pink and pink and pink so she put together the right pink fabric in her special way then she was happy and so was I.
So today I have done the school run and got busy added ribbons and this how its going.

Here is the completed bunting.

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