Friday, 13 August 2010

My new challenge

Wow a few weeks in to the school holidays now and I've hardly done any sewing. I've had three lots of birthdays to deal with two for my girls who share the same day and then a week later my own birthday so with buying presents, wrapping them and entertaining three children and visitors I've done only bits and bobs until now, because I have challenged myself to make 8 different items for my childrens holiday in two weeks. You may say thats not a hard challenge but theres more, I'm not allowed to buy any more farbic as I've got loads and its all waiting to be used plus I need t save money for the holiday itself.
Most of my items are from a little book called 'Making children's clothes' by Emma Hardy, in which must of the items are fairly easy to make but will wait and see if I make them well.
I'm starting the challenge today Friday 13th August (may not be the best day to start) and have to be complete by 26th August ready to be packed.

Well I wish myself luck and I'll be back in a few days to tell you how well its going and the items I've made so far and the countdown of items to be made.

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