Saturday, 8 January 2011

Crobots. Rock!

cosmic bear , originally uploaded by Buttoned up and Pinned down.
I have now finished my first amigurumi.

I got a fab book from my children for my birthday and I have finally got round to making one.

I wanted to use the right colours etc for the pattern but I couldn't get to my stash of DK yarns as they have moved to the loft so as I only had white to hand that had to do.

So I have my hook,my yarn and my pattern it was time to begin.

But I wasn't sure what to do (it's not quite the same a normal crochet) so off to re-read the begin as I only skimmed to 'how to' bit.

I got a little confused but after 3 attempts at the magic ring and dc's i finally had started and then I found it hard to stop.

After a couple of hours I had a head and an hour later a body and then arms,legs and ears.

It did take longer than I thought it would but I'd only be watching the tv or asleep. The assembley was quick and easy. It took longer to add all the extra details.

I have added a split ring to its head so I can use it as a keyring as it's tocute to leave at home.

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