Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thank you my twitter friends

I'm here to say a giant big THANK YOU to all retweets from my twitter friends and how you can find where you can find them and their wonderful creations.

First there is DDdaydream who has a lovely a folksy shop

Then secondly there is AudreysCat who has a vintage folksy shop and a great blog

Thirdly there is greatgreendream who has a wonderful blog and a folksy shop
Next is hanconwhite with her elegant etsy shop
And last but not least is elliestreasures and her crafty little shop

I like how close my twitter friends are and am happy to share them with you all and their fabulous creations

Thank you again
Zoe x


  1. Aw thank you!
    No need for thanks from you though I'm happy to help, especially for such a good cause :)

    Sarah x

  2. What a charming blog! and many,many thanks to you too!

  3. That is so nice, you are very welcome. Thank you very much for including my collar, much appreciated.