Saturday, 30 June 2012

busy week but no sewing so far

Wow! I've had such a busy week but haven't done any sewing, Monday was my youngest daughter's sports day (on the World sports Day 25th June 2012).
As she is in year 2 she shares the day with year 1 but as it's the year that the Olympics here in England the school had a mini parade of flags, a Mascot dance and the children pledged an oath as they do at the olympics and so did the teachers as judges.
It took about 2 hours and my daughters house came last, with didn't surprise me as her team where only in it for the fun especially the boys, which is always better than winning. But things might be different next year once they are in Juniors.

Tuesday was a day for the dentist for my eldest daughter, and as we have to go to another town it seemed to take up the whole morning, we now know that her last tooth to come out will be extraced soon as her little mouth hasn't got enough room for all her adult teeth, while we waited for the bus to come back we popping into a few shops, but I only got a knife to replace on I had lost (really not sure how I lost a red paring knife) and a steel, we briefly look in a new shop Rosie meets Ziggy, it's cool and my 12 yo loved it so we might have to visit again for her birthday, then I visited a little craft shop but sadly didn't have enough time to have a good look or buy anything but I WILL be going back very soon.

Rosie meets Ziggy in Hitchin

Wednesday was the Doctors for two, as my little boy got a bad eye infection and didn't like all the cleaning I had to do just for him to see, so he had the day off nursery and my youngest daughter has had a cough for WEEKS but the doctors said as it's not gone to her chest she just needs to has an inhaler. This was also a half day thing as I haven't got a car and nothing is on my doorstep (doctors is two bus trips away). All this running around had worn me out but the housework had been at it like rabbits and I couldn't see some the kitchen floor for all the clothes. I did manage to do all of it in the end and cook dinner and do the washing up but it was an early night for me.

Thursday was another sports day, this time it was my youngest first one, it was a lovely day too the sun was out, we had a nice breeze and he did well for the first hour but soon he found the waititng for the two classes to do all the races a bit boring I think but he got there in the end and he's team won but he wasn't to bothered but he did like his stickers he go.

Friday was school dinners, has my youngest will be at full time school in September the school like to introduce school dinners before the school so the parents know how it all works and this is the third time I've done this (and the last!). First we took the children to meet their reception teacher, and then us parents had a meeting about how it works, we worj to a 3 week rotating menu, which changes twice in a school year, then us parents lined up and waited for our children to meet us and get out dinners, My little man had a roast pork, roast potatoes, broccoli and gravy and I had the veggie option with potatoes and peas, for pudding My boy got a iced sponge pudding with custard and I had ice-cream and a biscuit. It was ok and we both ate it but I don't like the plate set up (all of it on one plate each bit divided from the other, the plate it basically a tray really and it does make it hard for cutting food. Sorry for the little moan)  

My son liked meeting his new teacher too, she seems lovely but I still wanted one of the other teachers who had my older two, but change can be go.
Plus I got these in the post from the wonderful
Little black heart  

Zombie book mark and ACEO by Little Black Heart

Saturday so far has been a late start, breakfast, seeing the sky change colour and watching a Jay in the garden finding bread crumbs on the shed (I know it sounds odd but the birds don't always see them on the ground). It's probably time to get dressed, pop to the shops for a card and then make something as it's driving me mad not making something.
Hopefully I'll have some lovely handmade things to show you next time I'm here
Zoe xx

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