Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My latest makes for me

I'm always making things to sell and for friend and family but I seem to make time to make a little something for me since Christmas I've made myself a whole pair of knitted socks (with rubber stars so they don't slip)
And I'm working on another pair in a finer yarn
The first pair are a DK yarn which is toe-up with a wrap and turn heel and the second ones are a pattern I'm making up myself with a little bit of sock know-how I've picked up along the way.
I've also made a new card purse as my normal one (which I also made) is a bit grabby.
I wanted to try a pattern I had in my mind for a few months but hadn't got round to it so I had a few spare hours and set to.
And now I'm in love with my purse and wanted to try a slightly different pattern and came up with a foxy purse for my Folksy shop I just need to do some more detailed photos first.
Isn't my foxy just so cute :-)
Zoe xx

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