Sunday, 4 July 2010

Two stalls in two different towns.

The last 3 weeks have been filled with hours of stitching, ironing, more stitching, to create a large pile of lovely new items for my children's school summer fair. Soon after finding out the date of the summer fair I receive a wonderful message from a lovely lady called Helen asking if I'd like to help her with a fundraiser by having a stall at a Pamper evening she was organising, but I wasn't going to do it at first as it was on the same day as the school fair, I soon changed my mine so I started making even more bits for both stalls.

The timing for both stalls were very close together the first started at 3.30pm but I had to set up at 2.30pm and it finished at 5.30pm I was suprised have quick the set up was. I had an array of my newest purses and Cath Kidston key fobs (which my girls love), my custom made buntings to order and my bags from my folksy shop, the second stall was 7.30pm til 10pm with set up from 6.30pm this in itself is fine but I don't drive and they were in two different towns but I'm very lucky to have such a lovely mum, who took me to the later one.

Once we got there and set up we got talking to some of the other stallholders. One of the stallholders was 'Little Ann' who makes lovely jewellery and cards, who also has a folksy shop and there was also 'Beth Fairchild photography' with her fantastic photos, she also has a folksy shop

I enjoyed seeing all our stalls getting alot of interest and selling are items. I hope that Helen and her ladies also enjoyed our items and hope to help again in the future with both my childrens school and Helen.

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