Saturday, 22 January 2011

My boyfriend is now blogging

I know lots of people blog. Some are like diaries, some are very random and some start then just stop. Many are about what people get up to but my boyfriend's blog Moodswing Music is about music, all sorts of music.

From the day I meet him, that was his thing and soon I found out there was more to music than just the Spice girls and the pop charts, then we went to gigs, sometime after that I started working in a record shop. This did work well both of us, he'd get cheaper music and I'd find out about new bands before him.
Soon I was well away from the pop music of my teens (not that there isn't anything wrong with pop music) and into music like Van Morrison, The Smiths, Lloyd Cole, Ryan Adams (NOT Bryan Adams)  to Rilo Kiley and more.

Now at Moodswing Music there are reviews on different acts, artists and films not just a very brief look, like you you might get in some well known music mags or newspapers but more of a look and real taste of what you get for your money, If your into music come and have a look and enjoy it. Follow it, tweet it, facebook it just enjoy it.

Thanks for looking
Zoe xx

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