Friday, 21 January 2011

Folksy Friday - 21st January

Morning, afternoon whatever the time is hello and welcome to my Folksy Friday sadly my talk up for this week is short and sweet.
Today is all about SOCKS! We are seem to love them, bright ones, fluffy ones, special ones, odd ones we all have them from tiny little baby socks to giant big socks.
But that's not the socks I want to show today, today is all about the creatures that are created from them.

So here it is the 12 that made it from the bottom of the odd sock pile to these odd and wonderful creatures and how to get one.

Dinosaur odd sock thing by Starcross crafts

Small cute sock creature by Tee Originals

Sock critter brooch by Ruth's Textile Art

Cerise zebra sock owl by Oddsox

Trunip Yeahbut sock creature by Hotdog and me

Odd sock Joey Ramone by Artkore Originals

Card for Greetings zebra horse sock monster by Rusty Fish 101

Sock crab scuttle by Socklings

Sock lion by Kerry creates

Paprika sock bunny by Charlieduckdesigns

Crumble the sock bunny by Widget and friends

And for the those who want to make their own one here is a pattern too.

Sock monster and hopper pattern by Made by Kate

Thank you for coming and looking, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have making it.

Zoe xx


  1. Great finds!I'm always amazed at the different creatures you can make from socks!!
    Tracey x

  2. How cute! The second from top is adorable!

    Katie @ The Green Feather x

  3. Thanks for including my zebra sock owl with so many great choices. I love the little dinosaur at the top - cute feet! Shaz x

  4. fab! love the sock Joey Ramone :o)