Friday, 11 February 2011

Folksy Friday 11th February '11

Folksy Friday is back again, it's a sign that the weekend is nearly here and for many it's time to be out and about but as the current weather is so windy and miserable it's time to add a splash of fun it to being outside with some interesting and fun neck.
I have looked and found some wonderful scarfs for little ones, not so little ones and big ones.
I hope you enjoy this weather friendly FF. Now I'm off to put the kettle on and my a flask before walking the children for fun at the park.

Children's Neck wear

Monkey Scarf  Black Wool Sparkly-Eyed Cheeky Neck Warmer by Elly Boop

Children's mini lambswool pencil scarf by Sara Carr

love heart scarf by La la loop

Crochet pattern fro rainbow scarf PDF by The Tree Bridge

Adult Neck wear

Dennis - Cosy Winter Scarf by Storm in a Teacup

Scarf blues by Kate Blankett

Waldo Scarf by Waldo the Worm

Slate grey wide crocheted neck cosy/scarflet by NOfkantsCurios

handmade scarf by BurnsideDesigns

Flower scarf by Higgs and Kisses

Red lacy scarf by Windmill Gallery

Pleated tweed collar scarf by Maggie Cook

I hope you enjoy this week's FF see you again soon
Zoe xx


  1. On a gold grey day in Berkshire, some neckwear is a definate must! Lovely gallery, something for everyone's teastes.

    Thank you for including my grey neck ruff, so kind of you! I love Dave's Waldo scarf, no doubting the shop that came from!

    Natalie x

  2. What lovely neck wear - they're all gorgeous. Thanks for including Waldo (I knitted him xxx)

  3. a lovely selection, and thanks so much for including my scarf
    joy (kate blankett)

  4. A delighful selection, tried to choose a favorite and failed. They are all great. Linda

  5. That is very, very cute! I love your blog. You are the winner, actually, of this week's blog link to go on my Blogs Of Thought page. It would do me great favor if you followed my blog ( in favor of my advetising you~! ^3^