Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hiya. Sorry! Note to self keep on blogging

Hello I'm sorry for the lack of blogs, I have had a bit of a low time after falling up the stairs (yes up the satirs) I'm still not sure how I managed it but I had to stop some of my stitching because of it which did make me feel sad but I'm getting the swing again after buying vintages fabrics and making some new items.

I have a thing for fabric but you may know that from my fabric challenge when I challenged myself NOT to buy any new fabrics and use what I had to make eight different items for my children in two weeks I did complete it without to much trouble and I still have more fabrics handy. Recently I have got five new blue fat quarters from one onf my favourite ebay shops FAVOURITE-FABRICS to make up a pair of cushions for a leaving present, two completely different vintage fabrics, 2yds of Polly goes to Paris by Henry Glass for a long awaited coat for my daughter using Woolen fabric for outside and Polly fabric for the lining (which she chose herself as she is called Polly)

I've been making dresden plates with my new wedge ruler and the blue fabrics stitched to pale blue cotton.

Not bad for the first go, and I will be making more I've got a taste for it now but might do smaller ones these cushions are 46cmx46cm and look lovely.
I've also made a cute vintage gadget case for one of the mum's at the primary school.

I didn't want it to go but luckily I can make more so I can have one or make a new wallet (there's an idea)
I have made a set of passport wallets using up some of my left overs, and some of my pink vintage fabric (only a bit of it I'm thinking of making a new pop over dress from Sew hip magazine like my purple spotty one)

Now I'm getting back my need to stitch my folksy shop will have a load of new stuff as of April and I will be re-starting my Folksy Fridays again.

I'm going to go now and eat food and tidy up before I fall asleep at the computer.

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  1. Some lovely fabric there. Your cushions look fabulous, the colours are great.