Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Are you a winner?

Hi all and thank you to all who entered my competition I had 5 entries and I'm so sorry to anyone who had trouble leaving a comment.

After reading your superhero names and abilities I realised I haven't shared my own, my name would be incredi-crafter my superpower would be to help and teach everyone how to sew a button or make a papier-mache so if your in trouble and need a crafting hand just cry for INCREDI-CRAFTER and I'd save the day and for baddies I'd show them the way of the craft.

Now drum roll please for the first winner chosen at random for a hat helped by my lovely assistant Summer.

1st prize goes to Eve's Eden with the following entry

"I'd fly around and have everyone in stitches! I'd mend, repair and customise clothes around the world. Picture this...a city worker on her way to an important meeting...her hem comes down...oh no what is she going to do? fly's Stitch-Girl to save the day. I repair the hem in a flash and fly off as she says "wow! thanks Stitch-Girl you saved my day" as she looks at me in awe of my sewing capabilities...."

Congratulation's your are the new owner of the Beach Hut tote bag.

Another drum roll for the second winner

2nd prize goes to Gemma with her entry

"i would be the beaded wonder! i would use my bead tool to go around and make every one the perfect accessories and use head pins to pin the baddies down. xx "

Congratulation's you are the new owner of the Beach Hut glasses case.

As some people didn't get a proper chance of entering this competition, I will give a 15% refund on an item brought from my folksy shop or a 15% discount on items brought from me over on facebook. until 15th June 2011.

Thank you for helping me reach over 300 likers on facebook and for entering my little competition.

Zoe xx

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