Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ahoy matey's away

Pirates, aarrrgggh. Pieces of eight and other piratey things are some of the things I think of when I look at my newest cushion idea.

This is any idea I came up with for a friend when see asked for some pirate bunting for her 2 year old redecorated bedroom.

I like making something with the very last bit of fabric I have and I just managed to make a matching personalised cushion with a cute little pirate boy on it.
Soon after I made this one I got a few enquires about it and now I've made 3 personalised ones for some lovely Buttoned Up and Pinned Down customs
Daddy and Logan cushion

Jack cushion
 As they seem so popular I've made 3 new ones for Letchworth's Arts and Craft Market on the 16th June.
Available at Letchworth's Arts and Craft Market

And I may also have 3 new personalised ones too.

I'm off to be busy making stuff, I'll be back soon with more lovelies x

Zoe xx

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