Saturday, 2 June 2012

I finished it just in time.

In my last post I was saying I was trying to complete my son's quilt for his birthday, and I've actually finished the whole thing as all my fabrics have arrived. It is fab if I don't mind saying so myself.

On the morning of his birthday he got up thanks to his over excited sister and when he came downstairs he was a bit grumpy (like Daddy pig from Peppa Pig) he saw his presents and wasn't at all interested in them but then he saw his quilt all folded up on the stool and asked if it was his, so I said it was and he could have it, he started to smile, unfolded it and snuggled up it in for about 5 minutes before he wanted to open his presents. It was a lovely feeling seeing him happy with his quilt and it wasn't all about toys.

Elli-bot quilt
I'll be making another one soon for my middle daughter as it will be her birthday in two months and if  I can get this one done in a few weeks I might get hers done quicker than my previous one that seemed to take over a year (I did try to hand stitch it together after completing the top)

Be back again soon
Zoe X

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