Saturday, 21 July 2012

Last week of the school term

With the last week of term lots of people are getting the last bits to give their children's teachers on the last day, but me being me I wanted something a little different, I mentioned a few weeks ago I was working on a special 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' inspired gift for my daughters year 2 teacher.

My daughter loves Wes Anderson's animated film and Mrs. Beans Famous ginger apple snaps which we are going to make later this week.

My son wanted to draw something for his teacher as he loves drawing but he took ages to make something he was happy with, but he got there in the end so I added his drawing to the front of fabric covered notebooks.

My Son's drawing for his nursery teachers, a picture of him and some lavender.

Now added to the front of some homemade notebooks.
These are easy to make and the teachers loved them too.

And my last teachers gift was for my eldest daughters form tutor who is leaving the school, and as we couldn't get the badges we wanted to get I had to check my brooches from my shop and my daughter gave her this lovely brooch.

But these aren't all of the things that was made this week, I managed a new skull and roses skirt
aged 2-3 skull and roses skirt soon available to buy.
And I also made two black and pink buntings slightly bigger than my usual size.
More available in other fabrics.
I think that's all for this week but I've got lots of new things to work on hopefully my fabric order will arrive soon and I can start on them but until then I've got to organise all my stock and fabrics as my lovely mum got me a chest of drawers to fill up with all my stuff.
See you again soon
Zoe xx

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