Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week one of the holidays

The first week of the holidays has been and gone and it's been a crazy week for orders I didn't have lots but enough to fill in the time when I wasn't entertaining my children. So far this week we have had the paddling pool out, been for a few picnics, my eldest had a tooth removed, watched The Smurfs movie, had my eldest daughters friends round, been shopping for a gift, brought a few little craft things and had a few accidents (none of which where bad ones just cuts and bruises). I'm guessing that many parents have done similar things.
Almost forgot the very long night on friday watching the Opening of the Olympics, my 4 year was over excited to see the Queen (bless him) he screamed at the TV shouting "It's the Queen, It's the real Queen."
My youngest two managed to stay up till just before Team GB came out but also managed to be up 8am (I guess I did get a bit of a lie in.)

Go Team GB

I have also done a bit of birthday shopping for both my girls as it's both their birthday next week. They both share the birthday but aren't twins as there is 6 years between them. I'm still working on extra 'mummy made' gifts too.

Amongst all of this I have started adding new items to my Etsy store I haven't added much there yet but I'm hoping to do better than last time.

Here are some of the custom orders I've made this week.

Marlee Rae bunting, Letters was had to photograph but the do look lovely in the flesh fabric

Teddy bunting, in stripes and stars.

A matching stripes and stars cushion to go with Teddy's bunting.

Super hero Spider-Man girls skirt.
And I've also got some new labels to put on my new creations they are from Care Labels and look fab, I've only used one so far but I'm looking forward to using them on my items.

My new care labels.
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Well children are starting to get bored (again) so I better get my jester hat on and do something with them.

Speak soon
Zoe x

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