Saturday, 11 August 2012

Week three of the Holidays

Hello you lovelies, we are at the half way make of the six weeks holidays here in the UK and that means that it's my birthday was this week. But before I start on my birthday I have a gallery of photos of things I managed to make this week as last week was more about my birthday girls than anything else.

Sunday was my first day with my restored mojo as it had gone out for a few days but this is the week of plenty.
I started this hat using Oliver and S bucket hat pattern which I found on their blog for free, I found my printer didn't like the printing size so I did have to enlarge the print out by 6% to get the box to 2in square. But overall it was good. (full review coming soon)

And I also set to work on a Blackberry Playbook dust cover but sadly I found I only had navy or brown zips even when I thought I brought black zips.

Monday was all about recycling, I had an old top from my eldest daughter than was plenty good even if she has had it for years added a little skirt and a zip that was the wrong colour for something else, so I made them into a dress for my youngest daughter (do you want to know how??? If so I'll do a little tutorial) It turned out well I think and my daughter loves it x

Tuesday was Superman part 1 as a customer asked if I could make a skirt using some more Comic hero fabric and after my fabric arrived I set to work and made this lovely skirt for a 5-6 year old.

Wednesday was my birthday so NO SEWING, just spending time with my Chef partner (anyone who knows a chef will know that they hardly get time at home so anytime they do get, make the most of it) So as it was my special day we had croissants with lots of butter and jam (plus chocolate spread for the children), after which I opened my cards, I didn't get lots but what I did get was just what I wanted (and I did get a sewing machine from my mum and dad a few months ago)

Then I had some visits and some birthday calls after which we got ready for a picnic lunch that turned into an adventure because we've had so much rain then so much sun all the fields we where normally walk passed was so overgrown that we had to go though woods and down ditches, but we had a good time and then I cooked chicken wraps to end our lovely day.

Thursday was an early start for Superman part 2 as I couldn't sleep well so I was up a 6 am to make another Superman skirt, this time it's for my Etsy shop so I had managed to make it and list it all before 10am.

Then I was down the town with my minis to get a black zip to finish off an order and take the girls out to spend their birthday money (but they didn't spend much this time).

Friday I planned to make my youngest daughter a sun hat (yes you guessed it with the Oliver and S pattern) so while I had no children (they was still asleep) I started sewing the pieces together and by lunch I had finished the hat and it was beautiful.

After lunch I had to take a break from sewing and I managed to do some housework, yes that thing that we have to do sometimes so we can get from one room to another as I currently don't have any little elves to help me (or are they just shoe makers?) But before I knew it, it was time for my eldest swimming lessons and my wonderful dad collected both my girls (and the new hat as well) and off they went so I set to making my eldest a dust cover for her new e-reader so I made this.

But my day didn't end so well as my daughter's new lovely beautiful hat was lost in a space of 2 hours, yes I did cry and I tried so hard not to be cross with my children or my dad as it was a total accident and I wouldn't of made a big fuss if it was a shop brought hat. Yes I will make a new hat once I'm over the shock of it getting lost. 

Well that was a full week, but not much work done on the REcycling project yet but I'm sure I'll do more of it next few weeks as it has to be done before school starts.

Hopefully I'll see you again next week

Zoe xx

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