Saturday, 18 August 2012

week four of the hoildays

Week four has come to an end and this week it's been a less busy making week, I have brought a little bit of fabric for myself but still don't know what it will become, I've been planning my pincushion swap which the lovely Quirky Hannah has set up, and made a start on a lovely little girls dress. I also had a little birthday shopping spree with my birthday money have have a few new clothes and waiting for one of my favourite bead shops to get some bits and pieces in stock to make myself some new things.

This is the only thing I actually made this week.
Also I had to get a new washing machine as my one was has gone to washing machine heaven, luckily for me we have managed to get a new one.

Well that was a short blog, I'll try and add some new and old items to my Etsy shop next week as it only has 5 items and looks like it needs a bit more in there x

Talk again next week
Zoe x

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  1. That's nice - glad you got to treat yourself with your birthday money :) What a pretty skirt! Maggie xx