Sunday, 6 January 2013

just testing blogging from my mobile

This is quite late for me to blog, i like being a early blogger, but as it has been the last day before the children return to school after the Christmas holidays i have been getting the children to tidy bedrooms, get back into a full routine and finishing off little projects. One of these projects was a little plushie kit my two girls got for Christmas (from LokiCoki via Etsy I'll add a link soon) I only did a small amount of her kit as P is too independent for me to help.

I can't add a photo at the moment but I will soon.

And I finished off my own new purse
I really like how compact it looks and it can carry you cards and coins. I've already started to work out a cuter one and a price for it too, so soon it should be in my Folksy shop (sorry I haven't figured out how to do a link via my mobile yet)

Well blogging via mobile is ok but I'm sure there is still plenty for me to find out but for now I'm happy with what I've done.

Until tomorrow.

Zoe xx

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