Thursday, 3 January 2013

Monster bibs are AWESOME

I've started blogging again and as part of my New Years resolution I'm going to blog everyday for the next year and I'm going to make and review a tutorial from another blogger once a week and I found this wonderful idea for a bib and wanted to make it especially as I seem to know a few new mums and mums to be.

A pretty girlie monster bib.
Now where do you find the tutorial to make your very own monster bib, well pop over to
stubbornly crafty blog and make up a little batch of bibs for your monster.
Now I said I'd review the tutorial well it is great and easy to follow, with a great tip for
WonderUnder also known as Bondaweb or fusible web.
The measures are great if your use to inches which I'm not so I had to change the size to cm
12in = 30.5cm
10.5in = 26.5cm
4in = 10.5cm
and for the seams I used the edge of my standard sewing foot which is just over the 1/4in (0.7cm)
and it worked fine.
For the fabrics I used 100% cotton for the main part of the bib, fleece for the back (no batting as I didn't have any) and felt for the teeth and eyes.
I didn't cut notches as I used my pinking shears instead for all the curves.
I enjoyed making this fun bib and will like to make more.
I think the only thing that would of helped with this tutorial is maybe a guide for Velcro or snaps placement, but this is only a minor thing.
Overall it took about an hour to make.
Zoe xx

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