Monday, 19 December 2011

We made it happen.

WOW! I need to say it again WOW! I managed to make £68.50 for my son's preschool so I went off to my local toy shop and found some Duplo (one of the toys that get damaged in the break in) I didn't quite have enough to buy 2 big boxes with the money raised so I added a little bit extra so I could and thankfully to a lovely offer in the toy shop I got 2 extra bonus boxes with them which was great.

My son and I gave the gift of toys to the school on his last day before the Christmas break, they was a little shocked as we tried to carry this 2 big parcels into the classroom and when I explained how this was possibly  and why I had done it, the head teacher said with tears welling up in her eyed "No-one had every done anything like this for them, it was lovely".

Now I don't think I could of got this far without all the help I have got from all the lovely Twitter folks who have always been there to retweet for me over the last few months, I honestly believe I would't of made it without them so thank you. (I'll do another twitter blog for you all x).

Here is what the money raised brought the school
1 box of 100 pieces of Duplo with a 45 piece bonus box from Toys-R-Us

1 box of 100 pieces of Duplo with a 45 piece bonus box also from Toys-R-Us
Thank you all again for all your help and support, I hope I can do the same for you,

Zoe xx

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