Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I'm back but not much to say

Hi there, I'm trying to get in a habit of actually using my blog in a good way instead of it sitting here like a toy that was wanted for christmas and then put in a box and forgotten.

Today I'll talk about the little gift I'm working on for my nearly 4 year old son, I planned to make him a quilt last year as a moving from cot to bed cover but I didn't get it done in time so after talking to a friend she said I had enough time to get it finished before his next birthday (in least than 3 weeks at the time) I had 4 of the 12 patchwork panels all made up but still needed 8 more to do,so after cutting out all of the patchwork pieces

I spent the next evening starting the task of sewing them together
Now I'm waiting for more fabric to finish making up the remaining panels but here are some of the  completed panels ready to be stitched together to make the quilt top.
Until I receive the fabric I will have to find something else to make like all the stock I need for the Arts and craft market  in Letchworth on the 16th June 2012

I hope to be back before the next week with more quilting fun

Zoe x

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